Debt trading is a financial-economic activity for the exchange and transfer of assets, especially "receivables" from one entity to another. In Vietnam, the debt trading market is in the process of being formed, so it is quite new to both the seller, the buyer and the mechanism of operation and management of the State. Debt trading makes an important contribution to the current economy, which is one of the important tasks in implementing the restructuring of our economy. Developing corporate restructuring and debt trading will help clear capital, help businesses overcome difficulties. At the same time, enterprises are able to access new financial resources for the restructuring of their operations, change the corporate governance model, and step by step improve the efficiency of their production. Currently, Law 5 of Hanoi is providing the following debt trading services:

• Advise businesses on the best options to revitalize your business
• Provide debt negotiation services
• Planning for restructuring on a voluntary basis, ensuring optimal benefits for the enterprise.

Global Debt Trading Joint Stock Company with professional experience and professional team has officially cooperated and become the prestigious consulting partner of many clients. Global Debt Sale will advise clients of the plan to negotiate debt purchase on a voluntary basis, negotiate at market prices. Then, through various measures such as debt restructuring, debt recovery, asset swaps, and especially focused corporate restructuring.

It can be seen that the Global Debt Sale is more linked to the market, helping businesses to restructure debt collection, ensuring capital efficiency. Meanwhile, the main goal of Global Debt Sale is to help banks clear balance sheets, prolong the provisioning time, support liquidity to banks. The way of Global Debt Sale shows that the purchase of debt and the recovery process, but must ensure the business revitalization and development. Therefore, in addition to the economic purpose of the Global Debt Sale, the purchase of debt of Global Debt Sale also benefits the society, ensuring the life and employment of employees.

With that in mind, Buy and Sell Total Debt to send to customers the request for cooperation and honored to co-solve the outstanding debt of your business and other legal requirements of you.

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