Global Debt Sale offers debt collection services to corporate clients who wish to recover overdue debts. Every customer service claim is always carefully taken care of by our staff for the most timely and effective solutions. Customers will quickly see positive changes in method, action and debt collection results. This explains why debt collection service of Minh Tin debt collection is the preferred choice of many reputable corporations in Vietnam.


Includes debt collection services for corporate clients and debt collection services for individual clients.

Debt Collection Modes:

Package debt
Phase debt repayment:
Urge, remind debt
Negotiate, negotiate
The PUTIN debt collection solution
To initiate lawsuits and denunciations


Quickly recover your debt
The debt collection campaign professional, effective
Comprehensive analysis and assessment of legal debt records
Investigate, verify, thoroughly collect financial information of debtors
24/7 service support
Application of PUTIN debt collection solution in special cases
Report regularly, unexpectedly
Free legal advice


Does Global Debt Sale Offer Debt Collection Services?

Debt arising from illegal activities: owed money gambling, illegal business ...
Creditors request the application of illegal recourse.

What is Putin's debt collection solution?

A special collection of debt collectors set up by Global Debt Sale to enforce debtors to pay money on the basis of complying with the law. The timing of the Putin debt settlement solution will be settled by the Global Debt Sale and customer base based on the actual situation and agreement in the service contract.

How long does it take?

The time and result of the debt collection depends on the financial situation, the cooperation of the debtors, the capacity of the debt collection company and other relevant factors (activities of state agencies, legal regulations law…). For each specific claim, Global Debt Sale will be forecasted, set goals, committed to progress with customers.

Does Global Debt Buying Buy Debts?

Global Debt Sale Buy Debt Sale. Please contact us for a free consultation

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