Global Debt Sale has extensive experience in advising solving issues related to dealing with bad debt. We have been dealing with debt settlement very successfully for organizations, businesses and individuals for many years.

Global Debt Sale offers Debt Settlement Debt Consulting services to creditors and debtors in order to work out solutions and measures to effectively deal with debts that are due or likely to arise in the course of carrying out the assignments. civil, commercial, financial and banking services, real estate ...


Advising on debt processing procedures, training debt collectors
Consultant to extend repayment period
Debt collection consultancy: negotiation, lawsuit, denunciation
Analysis, assessment of legal value, measures to complete debt file
Consultation on the cancellation of credit contracts, property mortgage contracts due to invalidation, interest rate exemption, release of security assets in financial and banking transactions.


Can I lend money without papers?

In order to claim the loan, the lender needs a loan agreement (or loan document, debt certificate). Without this document, the creditor may use a recording file that confirms the borrowing between the two parties.

Loan documents do not record the repayment period, no interest rates, debt collection like?

For demand-free and interest-free loans, creditors have the right to reclaim money and the borrower is entitled to repay at any time, but must notify each other in advance of a reasonable period of time, if not available. other agreement.

I borrowed a bank loan, the interest was close to the original debt. What do I have to do to reduce my payroll?

All banks have rules on exemption from debt reduction for borrowers under certain conditions. You will need to apply for a waiver, give reasons for a waiver and negotiate with the bank's authorized person to secure your interest.


I gave a friend to borrow a red book to mortgage my bank. How do I get the red book? You may have lent this person a certificate of land use rights, ownership of the property based on the authorization contract or mortgage contract. You need to determine the legality of mortgage contracts, authorization contracts and credit agreements signed with banks. If one of the above contracts is invalid, you can ask the bank to pay "red book" in accordance with the law. If the above contracts are legal, you and the borrower must fulfill the obligations of the mortgagor, the borrower, the new bank will return the red book.

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